Zumrad Ahmedjanova


Zumrad Ahmedjanova, LCSW-S, LCAS, CCS

Zumrad Ahmedjanova (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker and a trauma-informed psychotherapist with 15 years of experience. She collaborates with diverse groups in an effort to learn and embrace the vast richness of the field.

Zumrad’s counseling approach is rooted in a holistic biopsychosocial model, encompassing the physical, psychological, social, and cultural facets of her clients’ well-being. Her primary focus is on restoring balance and providing relief to those she serves.

Embracing a visionary approach, Zumrad also holds extensive experience in psychedelic integration counseling to facilitate transformative journeys of self-exploration and growth. As part of her commitment to this field, she is set to start a new group specializing in psychedelic integration in 2024 to create a safe space for individuals to integrate and make sense of their psychedelic experiences, fostering personal development and understanding.

Through a client-centered lens, Zumrad’s goal is to empower individuals to prioritize their needs, through coping strategies, and leveraging resources present in their lives. Through depth-oriented (existential/psychodynamic) techniques along with cognitive behavioral approaches, she strives to aid individuals to challenge limited beliefs and build effective coping mechanisms to attain a greater sense of peace and clarity in their respective lives.

If you are interested in working with her, please contact zumrad@artofwellnessnc.com

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