Stephanie Grave


Stephanie Grave

Stephanie is a Certified Physician’s Assistant, Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, and Certified Cacao Practitioner. She also has vast experience in the field of psychedelics and has been working closely with various plant medicines over the past 4-years as they have served as an integral piece in her healing journey.

Stephanie understands the impact trauma has on our health and happiness and is passionate about the safe and therapeutic use of psychedelics as a tool to help her clients identify, understand, and release these traumas. Without this, dis-ease manifests.

She views each client as an individual, and through uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as compassionate and personalized integration support, she is able to help her clients uncover the roots of their chronic health concerns, release emotional blockages, and reach their highest potential.
Originally from Maine, Stephanie moved to North Carolina 6-years ago with her husband and four children (whom she serves as their homeschool teacher). In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, drinking cacao, spending time with her family, and working on her personal growth.”

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